FAQs – CapeDx Clinicians

What is CapeDx?

CapeDx is a cancer genomics test based on whole-genome sequencing of a patient’s tumour (from a fresh frozen sample) and blood. Variants identified by the CapeDx test can assist with diagnosis, prognosis and treatment selection decisions. The test analyses more than 1,300 genes for somatic variants and more than 100 genes related to germline cancer risk. Other genomic features such as Tumour Mutation Burden, Microsatellite Instability, Copy Number Variants, Structural Variants and Fusion Genes are reported as research findings. The test costs ~$7,900. We expect a 3-5 week turn around time from sample receipt to report.

CapeDx will be NATA Accredited (ISO15189) and we use accredited sequencing providers.

How do I order CapeDx once genomiQa has NATA approval?

Pre-register your clinic by clicking here and we will be in contact to get you set-up at no cost. After our accreditation is complete (mid-2020), you will be able to order the CapeDx test through our online portal. We will send you a detailed guide to ordering and sample collection.

Will my patients get useful information from CapeDx?

Depending on the patient’s germline and somatic mutation profile, there is a chance that the information we report will not enable you to help make a personalised drug recommendation or give your patients options for clinical trials. This will depend on the type of cancer your patient has.

No genomic test can promise actionable information, but because our test looks at the patient’s whole genome for both germline and somatic, our test has a higher chance than any other available test.

Contact us and we can send you a detailed product brochure.

 What information will I receive?

The output of the CapeDx Test is a Clinical report. It identifies genomic variants which may assist with diagnosis, prognosis and treatment selection decisions.

What samples are required?

Upon registration of your practice, we will supply details of the logistics for sample collection.

  1. Fresh Frozen Tumour – we will work with you to ensure the correct techniques are used to collect and ship a fresh frozen tumour sample. We cannot accept Formalin-Fixed samples or unstained slides.
  2. Blood Sample – we will supply the pathology forms for blood collection.

How much does CapeDx Cost? Can my patients get reimbursement from the Medicare or their Insurance?

The price of the test is around $7,900 and is paid by the patient. There may also be other costs the patient will need to pay for the pathology lab to process and send us the samples.

Currently, none of the services performed by genomiQa is reimbursed under the PBS.

Why does my patient need to fill in a consent form to this test?

The consent form is required so we can carry out the CapeDx test on your patient. It is important patients are fully aware of what information the test can and cannot produce. It also helps us understand if the patient would allow genomiQa to use their data anonymously in further research which may help other cancer patients in the future.

How do my patients pay for CapeDx?

In most instances, genomiQa will bill the patient directly.

Does CapeDx work for all cancers?

Yes for all solid tumours. All of our services are based on whole-genome sequencing and analysis. This means we can report on many types of variants and can analyse any type and stage of cancer.
Gene panels may not contain the genes most relevant to your cancer type and exomes may not allow us to analyse the variant type that is most important in your cancer type.

Whole-genome sequencing is the most complete and unbiased cancer sequencing platform currently available.

How long will it take to get my results?

Approximately 3-5 weeks.

How is data stored and protected?

Genomiqa’s services are also bound by the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including the Australian Privacy Principles.

Where is the testing conducted?

DNA will be sequenced at a NATA-accredited facility in Australia. Data will be analysed and stored at genomiQa, Brisbane, Australia.

Does genomiQa offer genetic counselling?

genomiQa does not offer genetic counselling, but we can connect you with genetic counsellors who can work through any hereditary or incidental findings with your patients.

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