FAQs – CapeDx Patients

What is CapeDx?

CapeDx is a test which looks for changes in the DNA of your cancer that might predict which therapies might be best for you. CapeDx looks at all of the genes compared to other tests which look at a small number of genes.

How do I order CapeDx?

Your healthcare professional, normally your oncologist, can order CapeDx. Patients and consumers should discuss their needs with their treating clinician.

Will I get useful information from CapeDx?

Depending on your cancer and the changes in your DNA, there is a chance that the information we give your oncologist will not help in the selection of a drug or help in identifying a clinical trial.

No genomic test can promise you will get useful information, but our test has a higher chance than other available tests because we look at more events in your cancer.

What samples are required

We will require a fresh frozen tumour sample (from your biopsy or surgery) and a blood sample. Your clinician will help us organise the collection of these samples.

How much does CapeDx Cost? Can I get reimbursement from Medicare?

The price of the test is around $7,900. There may also be other costs for your pathology lab to send samples to genomiQa.

Currently, none of the services performed by genomiQa are reimbursed under the PBS.

How do I pay for CapeDx?

Credit card payments are available. Your clinician will give you a link to a payment site.

Why do I need to fill in a consent form for this test?

The consent form is required so we can carry out your test. It also helps us understand if you would like us to use your data anonymously in research which may help other patients in the future. We also need to check if you would like to know about other information we might find in your genome not related to cancer.

Does CapeDx work for all types of cancers?

Yes. All of our services are based on whole-genome sequencing and analysis. This means we can report on many types of variants and can analyse any type and stage of cancer.

Other tests look at gene panels (a small number of genes) and may not contain the genes most relevant to your cancer type.

How long will it take to get my results?

Approximately 4-6 weeks.

How is my data stored and protected?

genomiQa has a data privacy policy. Find out more

Where is the testing conducted?

Your DNA will be sequenced at a NATA-accredited facility in Australia. Your data will be analysed and stored by genomiQa.

What is personalised medicine? What types of information will the CapeDx test give?

Personalised or genomic medicine is the medical approach that uses genomic information as part of a patient’s clinical care.
In cancer, genomic medicine may identify a heritable risk for cancer, targeted treatment for that particular cancer, or a clinical trial you may be able to join.

Whole Genome Analysis

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