A whole genome analysis provides you with a base of information to perform any analysis required.

genomiQa takes you beyond the limitations of a panel. It helps you to discover novel markers and examine all known targets.

Where targeted panels allow you to see a fraction of the picture, whole genome sequencing unlocks and maximises your data insights.

Whole genome analysis also supports data longevity. This means we can go back and investigate the data if new knowledge or targets are discovered post-analysis.

We also provide meaningful insights over the whole exome or gene testing.

Whole genome sequencing

In the clinical testing environment, whole genome sequencing (WGS) overcomes the limitations of iterative gene or panel testing.

WGS enhances data precision, discovery capability and treatment options for cancer patients.


WGS platforms improve “comprehensiveness and accuracy” of variant detection, cancer treatment and avenues for better outcomes. *

* Article published in Nature Communications by Rusch et al (2018), page 2.

Ref. Data on file

Access international expertise

We work with sequencing partners in Australia and around the world. Our partnerships with dedicated sequence suppliers bolster our commitment to best practice and international standards.

Our partners work with precision, care and to fast turn-around times when sending samples between countries.

Through these partnerships, we gain access to the latest sequencing equipment and ongoing investment into this capital-intensive area.

All partners are ISO 15189 or College of American Pathology (CAP) Accredited – unless otherwise agreed.

Our sequencing providers


Australian Genome Research Facility

Garvin Institute





Choose your sequencing provider

We can work with your desired sequencing provider to support your project.

We require all sequencing partners to undertake our NGSCheck™ to ensure their next-generation sequencer (NGS) output meets our quality standards.

Our NGSCheck service assesses the quality and consistency of NGS output. If the results from our NGSCheck do not meet our standards, we will recommend the DNA is re-sequenced.

The sequencing partner you choose can influence the pricing for your project or clinical sample.