The value of the full picture—the whole genome—allows you to unlock the potential of clinical insights that go far beyond the gene selection on a panel.

Simplify your clinical trial and uncover new genomic targets within your patient populations. Our solutions allow you to explore the uniqueness of your patients and study how they respond to treatment.

Go beyond the limitations of a panel

Perform any analysis required with whole genome data at your fingertips.

Our comprehensive assessment of the genome allows you to discover any novel marker, examine all known targets and determine the complete range of genome variants.

Whole genome analysis supports the longevity of data in clinical trials. A single assessment will help you to identify all variants within every gene and pathway that are associated with response.


We use whole genome analysis to identify biomarkers or combinations of markers that are associated with a clinical end point.

Our oncology services are state-of-the-art and are transforming the way we detect cancer biomarkers like:

  • mutation signatures
  • telomere length
  • mutation burden
  • neoantigens

These biomarkers can be single, localised genomic variants or mutations that are affecting key pathways.

We help you to improve your patient outcomes and facilitate approval of drugs by selecting the patients who are most likely to benefit.

We can determine this by developing each biomarker into a diagnostic or companion test to screen future patients. This approach is applicable to cancer and germline conditions.

Patient participation in clinical trials

We use insights from whole genome analysis to pre-screen patients for eligibility ahead of randomised or non-randomised clinical trials.

Patients can be screened for:

  • single mutations
  • mutations in genes
  • pathways or patterns of mutations across the genome.

The whole genome data used to pre-screen patients can be mined once the trial is complete. This helps to determine why wild type patients for the treatment marker responded to therapy. This will allow you to identify new biomarkers and increase market access.


We use genomic information to predict effective and safe medication at doses that can be tailored to a patient’s genetic makeup.

Using pharmacogenomics reduces adverse toxic events and helps to administer drugs in a way that’s specific to each person.

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