genomiQa helps guide your decisions for your patients’ personalised treatment.

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Comprehensive analysis with genomiQa

CapeQ4 supports precision medicine for cancer patient treatment or risk at every level.

  • Level 1—approved mutations and treatment guidelines
  • Level 2—new mutations, potentially relevant but not approved (for example, novel fusion genes or tumour mutation burden)
  • Level 3—new research findings (for example, mutation signatures)

The turn-around time for CapeQ4 is two to six weeks, depending on the sequence provider.

Enhance analysis and assess the risk of genetic and inherited diseases with GulfQ4
  • Level 1—curating previously reported pathogenic variants relevant to the disease
  • Level 2—new variants, curating rare variants which may be associated with the disease, including copy number changes.
  • Level 3—new research findings (for example, plausible candidate variants that require further validation)

The turn-around time for GulfQ4 is two to five weeks, depending on the sequence provider.

Once we have sequenced the germline, we keep the existing data. When new genes or disease markers are discovered, we can simply query the existing data. We keep sequence data on file for three to five years.

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