genomiQa can support your next-generation analysis requirements—no matter where you are on the journey of genomic analysis.

Whole-genome analysis

While most services look at a selection of genes, we look at the whole genome. In our analysis of large cohorts, we can help you identify predictive biomarkers to boost the services you deliver.

Our comprehensive CapeXL and GulfXL services fit in to enhance your service offerings and management—effectively white labelling our solutions for your laboratory.

Comprehensive analysis with genomiQa

The functionality of CapeQ4 allows you to simply upload datasets generated by a DNA Sequencer (FASTQ).

You can then perform whole genome analysis and receive:

  • a recalibrated variant call file (VCF)
  • a fully annotated filtered variant file
  • an annotated database file of results to quickly facilitate research objectives.

Our integrated, turnkey platform eliminates the need to design, architect, build and manage modular informatics pipelines that are more expensive and would require specialised resources.

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