Access the precision of whole genome analysis in your clinical trial.

We work alongside research teams to generate multiple classifiers—so you can gain a deeper understanding of your clinical trial results.

Comprehensive assessment of the whole genome makes your data base future proof for re-analysis when new information comes to light.


InsightsQ4 is an end-to-end service that collects, integrates and analyses whole genome and clinical data.

It allows you to overcome the limitations of a panel and access the full picture through whole genome sequencing, analysis and reporting.

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Biomarker support

Work with us to unlock genomics to support biomarker discovery, or to identify possible companion diagnostics for your therapy.

Possible classifiers include:

  • comparing patients who have adverse events to those who do not
  • poor responses versus good responses
  • side effects versus response.


Where targeted panels only reveal a fraction of the picture, whole genome analysis allows you to determine the complete range of genome variants including:

  • single nucleotide variant and indels
  • copy number changes and rearrangements
  • telomere length.
Our expert partner

We partner with Max Kelson, an analytics and software engineering agency, to bring genomics and artificial intelligence together powerfully.

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