CapeQ4 gives you control of your own next-generation analysis.

This software is a computational pipeline for somatic and germline analysis of whole genome data through to annotated variants.

We use proven proprietary algorithms to rapidly identify tumour-specific changes in the whole genome.

The pipeline reports somatic and germline variants. It also identifies variants from the entire genome to support precision medicine for cancer patient treatment or risk.

Our analysis and reports are future-proof: we never discard a variant.

A future of possibilities

Our understanding of what makes a variant clinically relevant is always expanding.

We report every variant and all evidence so we are always able to go back to the list of variants and apply new knowledge.

The pipeline is cloud-based and helps us to analyse data from multiple types of NGS vendors and platforms. This enables you to access data quickly, on any hardware. We store and manage data in a proprietary database we developed in-house.

In addition to the CapeQ4 pipeline, we also provide a complete end-to-end service—sequencing and patient reporting—through CapeXL™.

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