CapeXL is an end-to-end solution for personalised cancer treatment, providing next-generation sequencing (NGS), analysis, annotation and reporting to clinicians.

The service is patient-focused, matching individuals to the latest options in treatment including approved drugs, drugs with evidence in early and late stage clinical trials and pre-clinical models approved for cancers.

For example:

  • Trastuzumab approved for HER2 therapy
  • tumour mutation burden for immunotherapy
  • mutation signatures: homologous recombination for platinum-based therapy or PARP inhibitors
  • mis-match repair for immunotherapy: Keytruda.

We make ordering and reporting simple for clinicians, so they can support their patients in a personalised way.

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) supports better patient outcomes with the complete picture and detecting variants precisely.

A 2018 study found WGS improves “comprehensiveness and accuracy” of variant detection, cancer treatment and outcomes. *

* Article published in Nature Communications by Rusch et al (2018), page 2.

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