See the full genetic picture from a new vantage point.

GulfQ4 is a germline pipeline developed to help analyse genetic and hereditary diseases.

Panels and single gene tests limit the amount of information you can see. This can impact the diagnosis and treatment of your patients.

We sequence the whole genome. This means that if new genes, disease markers or approaches to analysis become available, we can go back and re-analyse the data.

GulfQ4 is cloud-based for easy access and processing of the FASTQ files. The incoming data is screened by our proprietary quality control system, NGSCheck.

Our integrated, turnkey platform eliminates the need to design, architect, build and manage modular informatics pipelines that are more expensive and would require specialised resources.

GulfQ4’s functionality allows users to:
  • simply upload datasets generated by a DNA Sequencer (FASTQ)
  • perform whole genome analysis
  • receive a variant call file (VCF)
  • receive a fully annotated filtered variant file
  • receive an annotated database file of results to quickly facilitate research objectives.

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