The NGSCheck is a quality control system that ensures your next-generation sequencer (NGS) data is reliable and consistent—from raw data to analysis and reporting.

High-quality data supports the validity of your sequence data for diagnostic and research. Our quality control system checks the output from your next-generation sequencer is reliable and consistent.

We take every step to give your patients the best care possible. NGSCheck helps to facilitate compliance with regulatory bodies by allowing you to track quality at every stage within your processes.

NGSCheck modes

NGSCheck is your quality assurance and is available in basic, cohort and index modes.

Basic mode

Assess quality from a single NGS file.

Cohort mode

Assess quality from a collection of NGS files.

Index mode

Compare the quality of a single NGS file to a chosen cohort.

FASTQ analysis: Describes the sequencing

BAM file: Provides information about the quality of the sequencing

VCF file: Comments on the quality of the analysis

In isolation, FASTQ, BAM and VCF can provide misleading information about the quality of the NGS. An error rate higher than 20 per cent leads to an inaccurate or incomplete picture of the whole genome. We determine error rate thresholds on a project-by-project basis.

Sequencing runs can be compromised by:
  • imaging
  • library
  • fluidics
  • chemistry
  • DNA quality
  • sample mix-up
  • temperature control
  • sequence errors.

Comprehensive reporting

The results of a NGSCheck may prompt you to service your sequencer or request your third-party sequencing provider to re-run the original sample.

To ensure the quality of output, refer to successful QC when reviewing your sequence supply contracts.

We report on:
  • base quality
  • size
  • duplicate rate
  • adaptor trimming
  • coverage
  • cycle mis-match rate
  • read length
  • GC bias.

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